Saturday, March 29, 2008

not you

It seems I am approaching a birthday that is really impossible because I am not that old. In my mind, I swear I am still 25. So there's no way this birthday can be upon me. It just defies the laws of the time-space continuum. It defies the laws of all that is right and just. I'm not really ok with it in case you can't tell. 

So, last night I went out with some girls from school. First we went out to dinner. I was urged to try this kiwi-melon martini. I've never had a martini before, ok, sure, why not. The server asks for my ID. Ah! Such sweet words! My friend tells him that he made my day, to which is replies that he checks everyones. Ok, grow up little boy, because that is not what you say to a woman approaching this age. You should let it go and encourage the delusional thoughts of the old hag.

Later we went to see a local band. They hadn't started playing so we just sashayed into the over 21 venue with no questions asked. Just before they started playing Charlotte, Silva, and I went to the bathroom. When came back up to the door of the room they were in, the security guard asked to see our ID (since before they are playing it's ok to be underage???). Obligingly I pull out my ID and so does Charlotte. We eagerly thrust them at him with smiles on our faces. To which his young punk, self-absorbed mouth says, "I just meant her," pointing to Silva. Dude, that's something you should have kept to yourself!

So, this is for you young boys who do not know how to stroke the ego of any female, not to mention the ones approaching this age.

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Danny & Paulette said...

Although I had to explain to Paulette what the letters STFU stood for, I'm not sure you're supposed to say such things; since you do have that 'prety young woman' image to keep up. TUT TUT. Since it's your blog I suppose you're probably telling me those letters as you read my comment, so I'll just bow out quietly and let you have a nice day. P.S. - How was your martini? Did you have it shaken, not stirred?