Saturday, March 1, 2008

sexy teddy

This afternoon I went to Suzanne's wedding shower. It was Luau themed and very cute. There was lots of yummy food and a nice time was had by all.

Sometimes shower games are...well...kinda dumb. But here's one that was so much fun! It was kind of like hot potato. There was a box with multiple layers of wrapping. We were told that there was a sexy teddy inside. When the music stopped the person holding the box unwrapped a layer. Whoever unwrapped the last layer would have to model the sexy teddy. The music started and that box was flying in the air like a beach ball! No one wanted to be the one responsible for unwrapping that last layer.

Of course the music stopped on Mary Ann. She is so quick to blush in any kind of racey situation or conversation. We all had a good laugh as she unwrapped (turning beet red all the while) her layer, not sure of what she'd find underneath. Much to her relief, it was not the last layer.

You know, of course, who had the box for the unwrapping of the last layer. Hmm. Fixed, maybe? So she pulled the sexy teddy out of the box.

This little teddy was not shy about modeling her purple thong and bra set! ;)

We also played a game about what's in our purses. As an item was called out, the first person to pull it out of their purse won a prize. I think I am usually a prepared kind of person, but I didn't have a mirror, brush, or nail clippers. I do have a comb. I was too slow on the draw for the lipstick. The last category was "something unusual." So, I pulled out my Tide to Go pen. Not really that unusual for me. Hello. Kids. Mine was voted the most unusual, so I won that round.

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