Monday, March 17, 2008

some stuff

I went to the eye doctor today, so these glasses that you've seen me in for the last, oh I don't know, several years are soon to be no longer. I have not had my eyes checked in an embarrassingly long time. Good news, my prescription hasn't changed too much - just a little in my right eye. The left is virtually the same he said. I picked out a very stylish pair of glasses and some nice sunglasses. Actually, let me rephrase that. The nice boy who doesn't know he's gay yet helped me pick out my glasses because my fashion buddy (Charlotte) was unavailable. The kids tried to help also, but they kept picking out a) ones just like the picture or b) ones that had hideously thick arms. Uh, no thanks. The nice boy told them I was not an Italian diva (that just proves it right there). When it was narrowed down to three, they were more helpful. Of course the nice boy was helpful as well. 

Then I went to school to do lesson plans. I got little done because there was so much to do I got a little overwhelmed. I tend to just throw up my arms at the beginning of a track break and vow to deal with the accumulated mess later. Really, not a good plan.

At the beginning of track break I told  you that my #1 goal was to keep up on the dishes during my break, hopefully cementing a positive habit for when I go back to work. Well, I didn't realize I was going to spend so much time outside, so I didn't do as well as I would have liked. I would give myself a C on that project. Not fabulous, but considering I was earning an F before, much improved.

Now, I have a new goal. (One at a time, please.) Greg was just told that he has a new responsibility at work. He's the deck captain. It involves helping with the unloading of the cans in the morning and printing reports, making sure things are running smoothly and according to numbers on the deck. That said, he will have to go to work earlier than normal. So, you know what's coming next - he'll want to go to bed earlier. And if he wants to go to bed earlier he will want to eat dinner earlier. I grew up eating later. So, it just seems right to me. I'd do well in Europe. (Maybe I am that Italian diva afterall.) It's hard for me to make dinner at a reasonable, or even early, hour of the evening. It just seems, well, wrong. Today I had dinner ready at 6:30. It was still nice and sunny out. Heather found out it was ready and said, "What? (looking out the window), it's not even night out." Yeah, I hear you, sister. New goal #2 - dinner at an earlier (oh my) hour.

Today is St. Patrick's Day. Did you remember to wear green? Did you get to pinch anyone? The only people I would have been allowed to pinch are the ones I dressed this morning. I gave them green to wear. See how nice I am?

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