Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy 100

Apparently, it is customary to post 100 things about yourself for your 100th post. So, go grab your coffee or soda to keep yourself awake during the read. Here we go:
  1. I love crafts (no surprise there).
  2. I have one awesome husband (polygamy just isn't my thing).
  3. I have two daughters. They are precious.
  4. I am a teacher.
  5. I had many unofficial 'majors' in college before declaring anything: accounting, marketing, fine arts, English, and finally elementary ed.
  6. I didn't become a teacher because I couldn't do anything else - I really wanted to be one.
  7. Teaching is the hardest, most rewarding job I've ever had.
  8. Of all the subjects, I think I teach writing the best.
  9. I may change my mind about what I really want to be when I grow up.
  10. I don't always feel grown up.
  11. I think I am pretty smart.
  12. I had always wanted to be a teacher, but thought that was an unacceptable notion.
  13. I decided to do what I want.
  14. I am a rule follower.
  15. But I don't like to be told what to do.
  16. I cannot stand licking popsicle sticks or those wooden ice cream spoons. I can't even watch other people do it. It makes me cringe and cramps my tongue.
  17. But I love wood - the smell of it, the feel of it, the way you can move a saw through it, sand it, and paint it.
  18. I moved out of the house in April before I graduated high school.
  19. My mom says I ran away. I didn't. I was 18 and gave her the address & phone number of where I was going. That's not running away - that's moving out.
  20. I love Dr. Pepper (diet Dr. Pepper is not the same).
  21. I love ice cream.
  22. I could eat Mexican food a thousand times a week.
  23. I have one brother, Brent, who is two years younger than me.
  24. I sometimes have the feeling he is older, though because he is taller and has seen more trouble in his life than me.
  25. I can fit into almost any social situation.
  26. However, I rarely feel like I belong.
  27. I often feel forgettable.
  28. One of my high school dance teachers told me I was so quiet she hardly knew I was there.
  29. When I was student teaching I was told that I needed to speak louder.
  30. I was always told by my family that I was too loud.
  31. I have perfected the teacher voice and can be heard across a very noisy room.
  32. I have perfected the "teacher look" -- or is it the "mommy look."
  33. My favorite color is pink.
  34. But I think that is unfair to all the other colors.
  35. And I don't always choose pink things because I like so many other colors as well.
  36. I have seen U2 six times.
  37. I would see them again.
  38. I have a varied range of music tastes. 
  39. I've been halibut fishing in the Gulf of Alaska twice (once while pregnant with Heather).
  40. I was "rescued" in Alaska by helicopter (I was not alone). That is a whole story, right there.
  41. I never worked in the food industry.
  42. I worked in offices through high school and college.
  43. I moved out of my parent's house, got fired from my job, and totaled my car in the span of 4 days. Not a good week for me.
  44. I didn't go to college for the first three semesters after I graduated high school.
  45. I wasn't ready and didn't want to waste my time or the money.
  46. Despite all protests from others that I wouldn't, I did start and finish my degree. Ha! to all you naysayers!
  47. I have part of a Master's that I haven't finished yet. I stopped when Stephanie was born.
  48. I will finish someday.
  49. I don't like to get up early.
  50. But if I do, I think the morning is a nice time of day.
  51. I'd rather stay up late.
  52. I have lots of hobbies -- painting, scrapbooking (paper crafts), sewing, reading.
  53. But, spending time with my husband and children is the best time spent.
  54. I love to collect things that have to do with my hobbies - paper, fabric, paint, things to paint on, embellishments - you name it.
  55. I also have a love affair with office supplies.
  56. I always treat myself to new school supplies every August.
  57. My kids also get all new school supplies.
  58. I think the atmosphere of starting a new school year is exciting. I guess you'd expect that from a teacher.
  59. I have always liked school.
  60. I have worked a lot of different places -- 2 dentist offices, 2 mortgage companies, a real estate company, a construction company, a marketing company, 2 different departments at ASU, a computer software company, and the school district. Oh, and I babysat regularly from age 12 to 18. So I know just about enough of different kinds of information to be dangerous.
  61. I am full us useless trivia. For example, did you know it's impossible to lick your elbow? Go ahead, try it. I'll wait. Couldn't do it, could you? There are also no nerve endings in the skin on your elbow. Pinch it and see. Don't ask me why I know this much about the elbow - I told you, useless trivia.
  62. I am a perfectionist, but can easily let some things go (like housework).
  63. I always feel the need to "measure up" to expectations - both mine and those of others.
  64. I sometimes do not ask for help because I think that someone else will not do it the way I would.
  65. I hated this trait about my mother.
  66. I am a procrastinator.
  67. When I am procrastinating, I think a lot about the project is so when it comes time to do the project I have a better handle on it because it's been well thought out.
  68. I iron every day.
  69. I cannot wear wrinkled clothes.
  70. I iron my clothes, the kids' clothes, and Greg's if they need it. Luckily his uniforms wash so nicely that if I pull them out of the dryer promptly they don't need ironing.
  71. I hate housework.
  72. I was never taught how to do housework - I had to learn on my own.
  73. I never developed much self-discipline for housework.
  74. I pause before getting on or off an escalator to be sure of my footing. 
  75. I'm afraid of bridges -which includes high, free-standing freeway connections.
  76. I have to drive on one of those freeway connections twice a week from dance. 
  77. I love every minute of getting my hair colored, washed, cut, and styled at the salon.
  78. I love manicures and pedicures.
  79. I love to have new purses.
  80. When I lived in Arizona I sang in my church choir for years.
  81. I hardly let anyone hear me sing now.
  82. I need to touch things to connect with them. 
  83. Museums are a challenge for me because of this.
  84. But I do love museums.
  85. I'd still like to be an artist one day.
  86. I am a good cook.
  87. I'm self-taught there too. Trial and error, cookbooks, and cooking shows helped me out.
  88. I'll try new recipes on company without a second thought.
  89. I have never had a cavity - ever.
  90. I am a strict mom and make no apologies about it.
  91. I balance the strict with lots of love and spoiling.
  92. I am a sucker for the happily ever after. I like books and movies with romance at some point.
  93. I also like books and movies that include comedy.
  94. I'll stay up nearly all night to finish a book if I'm close enough to the end.
  95. When I finish the book I will wish it weren't over.
  96. Then I kick myself in the morning when I have to get up to go to work.
  97. I am usually late where ever we go, though I can manage to be on time to work most of the time.
  98. I think I can do a bunch of stuff in a small amount of time. I sometimes think I am Super Woman. Then I join the rest of you in reality.
  99. I am thankful for the people in my life. I realize how fortunate I am to have who and what and I have in my life.
  100. I'm sure there's more to know, I just can't think of it right now. :)
Whew! See you on post 101.

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